Q: When will Glitch Busters be released?
A: We’re happy to announce that Glitch Busters: Stuck On You will be releasing on May 23rd.
Q: Do I need 3 other friends to play the game?
A: No! You can matchmake with 3 other people online, or you can play with AI bots, or a combination of those and friends playing on the same console and screen as you. The choice is yours!
Q: What platforms will this be released on?
A: We are planning on releasing this game on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.
Q: What languages will the game be released on?
A: The game will be localized and subtitled in French, German, EU Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.
Q: If I encounter issues in the game, where can I reach out for assistance?
A: Please reach out to us at support@skybound.com
Q: Can I post videos of my gameplay or stream live gameplay?
A: We welcome user created content on video and other distribution platforms. Regarding monetization, feel free to use official features offered by the distribution platform (e.g. YouTube’s Partner Program, Super Chat feature, etc.).
Q: What game modes are available?
A: There are three game modes:
Story Mode, in which players must work to save Interland from an outbreak of trolls and advance the story.
Patrol Mode, in which players play the stages of their choice, on the difficulty level of their choice, to earn Score.
Simulator Mode, where players can customize the combination of stages, enemies that appear, weapons, power-up items, etc.
Q: What customization elements are available?
A: You can customize the appearance of your character. This includes the character’s face color, facial expression, accessories, body color, and body pattern. You can earn more customization options by accumulating Score or playing hidden stages. In addition, you can also use Score to expand what weapons, power-up items, and trolls that appear in stages in Simulator mode.
Q: I don’t have enough Score to unlock the items I want.
A: Gain more Score by playing Patrol Mode. The higher the difficulty level, the harder it is to clear a stage, but the more Scores you can earn.
Q: How do I participate in online play?
A: There are two ways to join a game: you can become a host and invite other players to join you, or you can join another player’s game.

To become a host, turn "Session Open" to ON on the mode select screen. Now, anyone can join. If you want to play with friends, press the start button at your base to go to online mode and invite your friends. If you do not open a session, no one other than your friends can join.

To join another player’s game, select "Online Matchmaking" on the mode select screen. A list of games that you can join will be displayed. You can choose the game you want to join from the list, or select "Anywhere" in the matchmaking lobby to join one of the games automatically.
Q: How do I play split-screen?
A: At the base, press the Start button to display the Invite menu. Then, select "Add Player" and press a button on the controller you wish to use.
Q: Does the game support cross-play?
A: It does not.
Q: Is there a physical version?
A: Glitch Busters is a digital download only game.
Q: Can I play with friends on a single console?
A: Yes, all platforms support split-screen play for up to 4 players.
Q: Does the game support local communication on Nintendo Switch?
A: Yes, up to 4 players can play using local communication.
Q: Can I play on Nintendo Switch Lite?
A: Yes, it can be played on Nintendo Switch Lite.
Q: Can I play on PlayStation 5?
A: You can play on PlayStation 5 and use PlayStation 4 compatibility features using the PS4 version of the game.